Smart Transactions

The real power of Ignis lays in its Smart Transactions.

Besides features like Asset Exchange, Voting, Messages, Monetary System, etc. with Ignis you can also add logic operators to the transactions within those feature thanks to Phasing.

In this page we will go through some examples of Smart Transactions to showcase the possibilities of the Ignis chain.

Dividends Payment

It is possible to issue your own Asset on the Ignis chain. Imagine you have a company and you would like to sell shares of it. This is an extremely simple task in Ignis and it’s also possible to trade your Asset on the other Ardor child chains.

Let’s first create our Asset. Let’s call it “HIVE”

Sell or transfer your Assets.

You can also sell your Asset on the other Ardor child chains as the Euro pegged AEUR chain.

You can easily check your Asset distribution with the Asset Distribution link on your Asset page.

Pay dividends to your Asset holder with a simple click

Dividends received by Asset holder

Phased Transaction

With Phased Transaction you can add conditions to your transaction.

In this example Jimmy wants to send some Ignis to his friend Frank. In this phased transaction “mommy” has to approve and “daddy” has to approve but at the same time has to have a minimum amount of Ignis in his wallet.

Only if these conditions are met, the transaction will be approved and the Ignis will be sent from Jimmy to Frank.

Here in the first condition (Approval Model) called “MOMMY” the address on Jimmy’s mom is in the whitelist.

The second condition (Approval Model) is called “DADDY” in which the Ardor address of Jimmy’s father is in the whitelist and the account has to hold a minimum of 10000 Ignis.

The combined condition (Approval Model) called “PAY” required that both previous conditions are met (AND operator “&”)

Jimmy’s mom gets a notification with the approval request

Jimmy’s dad also has to approve

Once both conditions are met and the transaction deadline is reached, the transaction is executed and the funds are transferred from Jimmy to Frank