Total transaction anonymity is not a feature of the Ignis blockchain system: every transaction can be seen and traced, giving an unprecedented level of transparency to the world of digital currencies.

However, some users would like to anonymise their funds or transactions: this anonymisation can be done using the Ignis Coin Shuffle system.

Coin Shuffling is an effective privacy feature: it enables users to mix their funds quickly and efficiently with other users’ funds by creating a random mapping between existing user accounts and new recipient accounts provided by the users.

Ignis Coin Shuffling is built from the NXT feature. The Nxt implementation is the first Shuffling system to be implemented on a decentralized blockchain, and was originally developed to be implemented in Bitcoin itself. The shuffling algorithm is based on a paper by Tim Ruffing et al. and the Nxt implementation of his work has been reviewed by Tim and his team.


Make sure to be on the Ignis child chain and then click on the “Shuffling” button

Add the amount to shuffle, add the number of participants and start!