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Voting System

Data Cloud



Monetary System


Build your Smart Transactions

With the Ignis Smart Transactions, you can add conditions to your transactions:

  • delay your transaction
  • set conditional approval based on account whitelist
  • set conditions based on whitelisted accounts with a minimum amount of Ignis
  • combine these conditions with AND, OR and NOT logical operators to create your own logic

Lightweight Contracts

Smart Contracts the Smart way.

Does it make sense that all nodes process a piece of algorithm that uses the Ignis API? The answer is NO.

The Ardor / Ignis Lightweight Contracts allow the node who needs to add logic to the Ignis Smart Transactions to do it in Java and store the code on the blockchain as Data Cloud.

Simple and Smart.

Smart Transactions called by the Lightweight Contract will have to go though the network consensus but not the Java Lightweight Contract itself. What really matters needs to be verified by the consensus algorithm. Jelurida continues in its tradition of making things work while keeping an eye on efficiency.

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Closer to the Real World

Thanks to Ardorgate it is possible to buy and sell $AEUR tokens directly from your Mistertango bank account*. You can then convert your $AEUR to $IGNIS or $ARDOR within the Ardor client. Or you can convert your $IGNIS to $AEUR and transfer them to your Mistertango account.

Directly connect your crypto to your bank account.

*Mistertango account cannot be opened by US residents and residents of EU embargoed countries.

The Market

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